User Agreement



General terms of use, related general rules and legal responsibilities

It is recommended that the User Agreement, including the below terms, rules and legal responsibilities, be read before using ( 

Please do not use if the stated conditions are not suitable for you. By using the website and filling out the form in which your personal information will be, you agree to the terms written on these pages. 

Venn Clothing reserves the right to update the content of this legal disclaimer at any time and recommends that its users visit the legal disclaimer page every time they enter the site. 


1. Usage and Security Rules


1. Usage and Security Rules are accessible to all members of Services provided on the site are free of charge unless indicated otherwise. 
Administration may prevent the member's usage of the site and reserves its legal rights about the person or persons involved in the below initiatives in the undermentioned cases:

1.a. Saving false, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, information containing statements that do not comply with public decency and inimical to laws of the Republic of Turkey on the site

 1.b. Copying of site content partly or wholly without permission

 1.c. The User is directly liable for any damage that can arise from sharing of information like username, password given to users or defined by them, usage rights with the third parties or organizations (the usage of this information by people other than the user). Likewise, the User cannot use personal information such as IP address, e-mail address, username of someone else on the internet as he/she can't have unauthorized access to other users' private information or use this information. The user is deemed to have accepted any legal and criminal liability arising from such use. 

1.d. Usage of software to threaten the security of the site, to prevent the site and software used to operate, doing activities, trying to do activities and obtainment, deletion and modification of information


2. Use of Content

2.a. Visual and written content provided on is for personal use. is the owner or licensee of all materials (“Materials”) including domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable presented technical data, the sales system applied, business method and business model and their intellectual and industrial property rights and these are under legal protection. It cannot be used unauthorized or without giving reference for commercial or personal purposes unless indicated otherwise. Publishing any element of this website on another platform or internet site or giving a link without permission of Venn Clothing is prohibited. 
2.b. The rights of software used for designing these pages and creating the database belongs to Venn Clothing. Copying or usage of the mentioned software is strictly prohibited. 
2.c. The rights of all criticism forwarded to belongs to Venn Clothing,
and can be used by Venn Clothing for marketing purposes if required. 


3. Responsibilities

3.a. Information of users who visit (duration of visit, time of visit, pages viewed) is tracked in order to be able to serve them better. This information is shared with the companies with whom we collaborate on advertisement etc. subjects to extend and improve content by sticking to confidentiality terms. The aim here is to develop the experience provided by the site to its users and to develop

3.b. user can start using the site by entering his/her e-mail address and password after filling in the required sections for registration and confirming the e-mail address as long as complying with the terms specified in this agreement. 

3.c. The user agrees to comply with Turkish Penal Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, Decree Laws Regarding Protection of Trademarks and Patent Rights and legal regulations, Obligations Code, other relevant legislation and all kinds of announcements and notices that will publish regarding its services. All legal, criminal and financial liabilities that may arise due to illegitimate usage remain with the User.

3.d. If it is determined that the User does not comply with the obligations set forth in this contract or the general rules declared on, the User's access to may be prevented for a period of time or indefinitely and/or his/her account may be closed by Venn Clothing.

3.e. The User can't display behaviors that will prevent or obstruct other users and visitors to use, can't force/lock servers or databases by installing automated programs. He/she cannot attempt to cheat. Agrees that his/her membership will be terminated in case of attempting to cheat and accepts all legal, criminal liabilities that may arise due to this situation.

3.f. It is the responsibility of Users to take a backup of the correspondences exchanged with and is recommended by Venn Clothing. Venn Clothing cannot be held responsible for messages getting lost, deleted or damaged due to lack of backup.

3.g. The User may not delete or remove the Copyright, Trademark and any note regarding Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works from any material copied or printed from 

3.h. Membership cancellation and account deletion can be done by the User on The User's access right to the website is cancelled once his/her membership is ended. The person cancelling his/her membership accepts that this transaction is irrevocable.

3.i. The decision to delete records of user account which is terminated by or the User himself/herself, belongs to Venn Clothing. The User can't claim a right or compensation upon the deleted records.

3.j. Relations of the site users between each other or third parties are their responsibilities.

3.k. may contain connections or references to other websites which are not under its control. Venn Clothing is not responsible from contents of these sites or other connections they contain.

3.l. Venn Clothing reserves the right to use all information linked to your user account for its own marketing purposes on the condition that it complies with terms of use, privacy principles and legislative regulations.

3.m. In some sections of the site, different rules and liabilities may be indicated specific to that section. People or organizations using these sections are deemed to have accepted these rules in advance.

3.n. Please go to “Non-disclosure Agreement” section to read about the precautions we have taken to protect our users' personal information and its security and our general policy upon this subject.
The User accepts that he/she will be deemed to have accepted all terms of this participation agreement and the agreement is going to enure for himself/herself beginning from the moment that he/she starts using the service. The User accepts to retrieve the exact loss of Venn Clothing because of his/her contravening behaviors regarding the liabilities subject to this agreement. Venn Clothing has the right to recourse exactly to the User for any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fine, which it may have to pay to state institutions and/or third parties due to the User's noncompliant act in regard to the agreement.

4. Rights and Liabilities of Venn Clothing


4.a. Venn Clothing accepts and undertakes that the User will be availed of contract services except for technical problems and that information of the User, except for the personal information he/she opened to sharing, will never be shared with third parties or organizations excluding legal obligations. has the right to investigate and declare a member's personal identifying information in cases where it is detected that the User caused an electronic sabotage to prevent site from operating, intervening attempts to earnings and/or an attack or if a criminal complaint or an inquest demand is received from official authorities towards the User.

4.b. Venn Clothing may make amendments to this contract unilaterally without notice to ensure continuum of services committed. Venn Clothing always has the right to stop the service it provides permanently or temporarily, change the content of the service or cancel the service unilaterally without notice. The User accepts this right. Venn Clothing will publish current terms of use with the updated date under the same link on its site in case of an amendment, notify its users with e-mail if it is deemed to be necessary. Renewed current terms of use will be valid as soon as they are published on and usage of site or services will be based on renewed terms of use from then on.
Membership of a member who have sent materials to site noncompliant with terms of this contract may be unilaterally terminated by Venn Clothing without notice.

4.c. has the right to use all kind of e-mail, telephone etc. information, that are provided by users during membership transactions, in campaign, advertisement and promotion activities.

5. The Entry Into Force of The Contract

The User is deemed to have committed to comply with the contract from the moment he/she has completed and approved the registration form or received any service or gave an order using this system. The contract shall be automatically nullified by termination of the membership or by any of the annulment conditions specified in this contract happening without the need for any warning.


6. Competent Court and Dispute Resolution

İstanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices have been authorized for solving of disputes that may arise from the execution of this contract.


7. Notification Addresses

 7.a. does not ask users for their mail addresses in advance. However, the e-mail address which the user has stated to is deemed to be the e-mail to request the legal address for any notification to be made regarding this contract.

 7.b. Unless the parties notify the counterparty in written of the changes to their existing e-mails in 3 (three) days, they agree that the requests to the old e-mails will be valid and deemed to have been made to themselves.

7.c. Again, any notification that makes using the user's registered e-mail address will be deemed to have received by the user 1 (one) day after the e-mail has been sent by The User declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and accepted all of the articles herein and has confirmed the truth of information provided by himself/herself.